Brow Lift

With ageing the effects of gravity is to cause the forehead to shift downwards. This causes wrinkling of the forehead and creates folds in the upper eyelids. This can give the overall appearance of being grumpy or sad.


Brow lift consultation

looks at the forehead and specifically the relationship between the forehead and the upper eyelids. It is important to discuss the approach to performing a Browlift ie whether it can be performed endoscopically or if it requires an open approach with skin removal. Sometimes it is beneficial for a browlift to be part of a a facelift/facial rejuvenation.

Brow lift surgery


can be performed under general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic with sedation. Surgery normally takes 1-2 hours and as a daycase or overnight stay.

In the open technique and incision is made just in the hairline and down into the temple hair. The forehead is then freed up from the underlying structures, skin is excised and the incision is sutured. In the endoscopic technique 3-5 small incisions are made in the hairline, the forehead is elevated from the deep structures with the aid of an endoscope and the forehead is elevated and held in position with sutures or a small screw. A firm bandage is applied to the forehead to help hold the forehead in position.

After Surgery

it may be possible to go home the same day with adequate pain relief. Strenuous activity is to be avoided. The patient should sleep with their head up supported by 2-3 pillows. Most patients take 1-2 weeks to recover although the swelling can last for 3-4 weeks.