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Summer Newsletter 2016


Non-surgical rejuvenation may be your summer solution to looking great!


Welcome back to Mills Appearance 2016. It has been wonderful to see all of

our patients return refreshed, relaxed and ready for the year.

It has been a long, hot summer. We have been lucky to have such beautiful

sunny days.

In this newsletter we will focus on Dr Mills non-surgical rejuvenation services that can keep you looking refreshed with minimal downtime.

Along with the cosmetic surgical procedures Dr Mills offers, he also has

many patients who want to improve their appearance through non- surgical


Many patients want a fresher look, accentuated cheekbones, a perfect pout,

and to improve their appearance of fine lines .

Dr Mills, a Plastic Surgeon, is an expert and very experienced in assessing

your appearance, listening to your concerns, and giving you the best results.

He uses Botox and Juvederm fillers in his injectable clinics.

Dr Mills clinics are very popular and appointments fill fast and are in great

demand. Please ring Michele to book your appointment early.


Harmful UV Rays can damage and age the skin, cause brown spots,

accelerate wrinkles and increase your risk of skin cancer.

Protect yourself with Dr Mills Sun Survival Kit.

It’s important you use a quality sunscreen. We offer Actinica Sunscreen,

broad spectrum which is clinically formulated to give you the best protection.

The Sun Survival Kit includes Actinica SPF 50 plus Serum B 30ml from

Aspect Dr. It is important that your skin is deeply moisturised all year round with the Serum B and protected with Actinica.


Summer Promotion:

Dr Mills “Sun Survival Kit”

Purchase before end of March and receive 15% discount

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