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Summer Newsletter 2017

It’s the beginning of the year and time to focus on prevention of premature ageing….

This summer has been a scorcher and not a day should go by without taking care of your skin. Protecting our skin from the damaging sun rays is vital and feeding your skin everyday with the right ingredients is crucial. With the new year underway empty out your beauty draw. Check you have fresh stock of your serums and your specialised sunscreen.

Although summer is a great time for outdoor activities it certainly creates a number of issues for our skin. The more exposure to the harmful rays, the higher risk of pigmentation and fine lines… you will start to see signs of your skin ageing. Keep your exposure to a minimum, re-apply our Actinica sunscreen regularly and ensure you are vigilant with your skincare program.

Having a tan over the summer may look nice but it really is just physical damage of our skin. Opt for a tinted moisturiser or a self bronzer if you want a darker look. Book in for a chemical peel to rid your skin of dead skin cell build up from the summer months. Post-peel your skin will be ready to absorb efficiently the wonderful and active ingredients of our Aspect Skincare range.

For fine lines around the eyes I highly recommend ‘Eye Doctor’. This is packed with quality medical grade ingredients, reduces fine lines around the eyes and also helps reduce puffiness.

For every pre-order of ‘Rx Eye Doctor’ receive 10% discount and a complimentary Aspect Deep Cleanser 30ml(total savings of $60).

For those of you looking for a refreshed appearance, Dr Mills offers a personalised Botox and filler clinic. For best results and guidance take advantage of our unique and specialised service. At your appointment Dr Mills will discuss your areas of concern and formulate a treatment plan with you. He will administer your Botox and fillers. Having a Plastic Surgeon offer this treatment is an incredible service. We highly recommend that Botox and filler injectables are only preformed by a highly qualified and experienced doctor, therefore we provide this wonderful service.

Book in early as Dr Mills clinics fill fast.

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