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Summer Newsletter 2015


Mills Appearance Newsletter

Summer 2015


Welcome back from the summer holidays, we hope you had a wonderful break.

2015 has started off with a bang. It’s great to see our lovely patients return for their post –summer care at Mills Appearance. The summer has been beautiful but extremely hot, and the sun very intense.

This brings me to focus on two topics for this newsletter.


Pigmentation Cryotherapy:

Some of my patients are developing clusters of pigmentation. Unfortunately this is common and a true symptom of excessive sun exposure, often seen after a summer holiday.

It does give the face an ‘aged appearance’, and it’s important to eliminate these patches.

At Mills Appearance we have a fantastic procedure, Pigmentation Cryotherapy which gently clears these patches with immediate results. This procedure is performed by Dr Mills.

I personally have this treatment bi-annually. Sometimes you may need to return for further treatment.

It is crucial that you continue your daily application of ‘Pigment Serum’. I do not go a day without using this fantastic product. It acts as a pigment blocker preventing the cell cycle of pigmentation.

Please ring Michele for your PC appointment.


Sun Protection:

A reminder that you must apply sun protection every day, even if it’s cloudy or stormy outside!

Actinica is my favorite, giving an excellent level of protection. It feels great on the skin and also a wonderful primer for make-up.

Remember…your daily skincare program, regular peels, dermaplaning and sun protections are all important in keeping you looking great.

I understand the frustration of spending a lot of money on products that don’t deliver their promises. Most of my new patients have draws filled to the brim with these products.

My simple principal….

I only stock what I personally use and believe in.

Best products = Best results.


A word from Dr Mills….

“I have recently returned from Plastic Surgery conferences in Florida and the Bahamas. It is always exciting attending these conferences and seeing the current trends in Plastic Surgery across the world.

Botox and Fillers remain the most popular non-invasive plastic surgical procedure.

Over exposure to the sun remains the number one cause of aging. However, for those of you showing signs of aging, regular Botox and fillers can lead to dramatic improvements.

Not forgetting that our uniquely tailored skincare programs at Mills Appearance consisting of quality products, complimented by skin peels, dermaplaning and pigment cryotherapy treatment are vital in maintaining great skin appearance.

On another note, many of us associate Botox with cosmetic use only. However the use of Botox in treating excessive sweating / Hyperhydrosis is gaining global momentum. More people are seeking out this treatment as Botox reduces excessive sweating to a more satisfactory and comfortable level. Treatments are normally repeated every 6 months.”


Price List:

Clinical peels:                                              $ 75

Dermaplaning:                                            $ 89

Pigmentation Cryotherapy:                           $199

Repeat Pigmentation Cryotherapy:                $149


Summer Bundle Promotion: 50% Discount

30 ml Deep Cleanser


Small Resveratrol moisturizer

Now only $30 while stock lasts.


Ph: Michele 09 575 4749 for appts



We look forward to seeing you soon for your next treatment.


Erin, Dr Mills and Michele

Summer Newsletter 2015 February 20, 2015

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