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Spring Newsletter 2015


Spring is the season to get your skin looking fresh, fabulous and ‘summer ready’. When you have healthy glowing skin, confidence soars and that flows on to everything else in life.


Need help with fine line wrinkles or want to smooth your worry lines away? Do you feel happy, but your face looks sad?

Then it’s time to book an appointment with Dr Mills, an expert in facial rejuvenation. His clinics are already filling for November/ December, book soon to secure your appointment.


Do you want a brighter more youthful looking skin? Are you showing premature signs of ageing and sun damage?


Oil production and cell turnover slow down with age and skin gets drier and duller.  If your goal is healthy beautiful skin then our progressive and non-aggressive chemical peels will give you the best consistent results, by deeply exfoliating the dead skin cells away.  This allows your clinical serums and moisturiser to penetrate deeply. Peels every 4 – 6 weeks will give you optimum results.


Try also our ‘Dermaplaning’ a pre- peel procedure giving excellent physical exfoliation.  To optimise your results the peel must be supported with our customised medical grade skincare maintenance program.


Seasons change and so can your skin. Often your serum application and serum products may need a little tweaking to get the best result.  Book in with Erin for a skin assessment or receive a skin assessment complimentary with every chemical peel.

Recent News:

Dr Mills was keynote speaker at the National Weight Loss Surgery conference in September and spoke on his role in surgical body contouring after weight loss -Tummy Tuck, Body Lift, Thigh Lift, Breast Augmentation.


            Purchase Serum B+Serum C 30ml

            Receive free gift valued @ $65

              (Resveratrol 15g+Cleanser 30ml)




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Spring Newsletter 2015 September 29, 2015

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